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We help businesses empower their team members by creating personalized content on the go to enhance their skills.

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Welcome to inncivio - Where Businesses Meet Innovation!

At inncivio, we're revolutionizing education for businesses with our AI-powered platform. Dive into a world where learning is a shared adventure, innovation is a lifestyle, and success is a journey.

How to ensure your team members have the right skills for the job?

We've been there, trying to find the right trainings for your team, but either they aren't fit for purpose or not engaging enough. You're not alone, +332 million small- to medium-sized businesses struggle with such resource allocations.

How do I keep my team engaged?

Stimulate the inner Tiger Woods in each team member, through an inncivio league and some other gamification aspects. Who said learning couldn't be fun?

How do I maintain my company identity and uniqueness?

Learning curriculums are created using AI, on the go, thanks to the company’s own content. Everything will be unique to your business and to each team member's needs and pain points.

Elevate your Skills, Expand your Horizons, and Enjoy the Journey with inncivio!

inncivio tackles daily challenges of businesses and beyond...

A unique education platform
Fully personalized curriculums based on the knowledge base of the company - created on the go!
Upskill your team
Personalize your knowledge library, so that your team benefits the most from inncivio.
A gamified environment
Who said learning shouldn't be fun? Quiz your knowledge and earn badges as you progress!
A dynamic feeds section
Integrated access to news, team updates, and achievements. When you hear your team speaking about the inncivio league in the corridor, you know your next quarter performance won't disappoint you!

What our Customers Think About inncivio!

“inncivio has beautifully engineered a platform to allow everyone access to the information needed to be a successful entrepreneur or executive. Their efforts will undoubtedly cause a volcano effect of new minds in business, driving growth and innovation.”

Danielle Dey
CTO @ Drinkable Water Solutions

“I was impressed with the product idea from the very beginning. inncivio's user experience is at a very high level. And it is especially valuable that the article proposed by inncivio helped me find a solution to one business problem. I am now a convinced follower of inncivio!”

CEO @ FortStock

“inncivio is a great tool to learn more about the business of running a business. You can have the confidence of easily finding relevant information rather scrolling through pages of search results.”

Susan Moritz
Director @ Moricon Consultants

“As a fintech startup founder, I am continuously on the lookout for tools that can elevate our venture's journey. That's why I'm thrilled to recommend inncivio—a platform crafted by founders, for founders. It offers solutions that not only educate but significantly enhance productivity and foster growth across our team. Whether you're at the beginning of your business journey or ready to scale, inncivio provides a robust and fun support to navigate startup challenges effectively.”

Tarik Zahzah
Co-founder @ Fortstock

“inncivio ingeniously leverages gamification to enrich the learning journey for early-stage founders and individuals eager to expand their knowledge, transforming educational experiences into engaging and enjoyable activities.”

Greta Preatoni
CEO & Co-founder @ MYNERVA
inncivio is boosted by powerful solutions